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My name is Myo Min Thu and I was born in MyitNge City, Amarapuya Township and Mandalay where I grew up. After high school, I attended UCSM ( University of Computer Studies Mandalay ) in Mandalay where I studied Bachelor of Computer Science.

I was employed in 2007 at Evolva Software House in MICT Park Mandalay as junior programmer. I won the third prize in the programmer challenge of Yatanarbon Teleport opening ceremony and then I moved to Yangon in 2008 June.

I have 10 years’ experience in ICT as a programmer and database developer/administrator, Web Developer, Web Designer. Strongly in Website Development, Content Management System and E-Commerce Website. Skilled in Developing web applications, Database Design and Administration.Now I am working at ILBC IGCSE & A Level School as department head of Web Developing & Cyber Security science 2008. Highly motivated on Project Management, Open Source and customized application development (both Windows and Web platform) and Hardware and Networking. 

I developed many responsive websites for static with HTML5 + CSS3 and dynamic with WordPress (CMS) and SEO services. Technologies I work with include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQuery, WordPress are coding for websites, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator for web designs, Sublime Text for code writing, and MYSQL for databases. Interested in Learning, Coding, Design, Travelling, Swimming, Music and Movie. I like to work team communication. I am a responsible and helpful.

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